Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush's Balls

Joshua Green has a great article in The Atlantic Monthly about evil hack Karl Rove. Everyone else seems to be linking to it, so I might as well. I might as well admit this off the bat, I have a grudging admiration for Rove. He wins, and that's I want for our side. I'm sure they'll probably call ine the Dean Generation of politicos. The ones who realized that being right isn't enough; you've got to win the election before you can change things and we are ll about winning. Rove is a lot like that. He wants to win. Period. And he's good at what he does. But...

In the rare instances when he has failed to set the terms of debate, Rove hasn't fared nearly so well. Four years ago, in a race to succeed Hooper, who was retiring as Alabama's chief justice, Rove lined up support from a majority of the state's important Republicans behind his candidate, an associate justice named Harold See. Like most of Rove's clients, See had an enormous financial advantage and ran a brutally negative campaign—but he was nonetheless trounced by Roy Moore, the "Ten Commandments" judge, who succeeded in making the race about religion.
The war in Iraq and problems with the economy dictate presidential politics as much as anu consultant. Rove may be backing the wrong horse with the wrong strategy, the election is his to lose. And Kerry has made some new headway, making sharper criticisms and making it clear that his is an alternative to Bush, not more of the same.


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