Thursday, September 30, 2004

DeLayGate: Will he ever get his comeupance?

While searching out debate stories, I ran across this on the MSNBC site. An ethics committee criticizing Tom DeLay, oh pishaw. At least they are paying attention to how corrupt and evil that cheese-eating dick weasel is, even if it is just over the Medicare Reform Act vote.

Panel alleges quid pro quo

The committee found DeLay “offered to endorse Representative Smith’s son in exchange for Representative Smith’s vote in favor of the Medicare bill. In the view of the investigative subcommittee, this conduct could support a finding that Majority Leader DeLay violated House rules."

Miller made a statement to Smith “that referenced the congressional candidacy” of Smith’s son, the report said. “Representative Smith fairly interpreted Representative Miller’s statements to him during the vote as a threat of retaliation against him for voting in opposition to the bill.”

Yeah, that would be unethical.


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