Tuesday, September 28, 2004

An election too far

Big news today is from the small-circulation paper in Crawford, Texas. The Lone Star Iconoclast, a paper with a circulation of about 425, has come out with an early endorsement of Sen. John Kerry's bid for the presidency. Now this doesn't mean that Crawford is suddenly a liberal bastion, or so goes Crawford, so goes Texas or any false crap like that. But it is important in an image sort of way. The Iconoclast is NOT big media. It is NOT the NY Times. It is a small-town paper that covers volleyball games and bake sales run by a conservative libertarian who editorialized in favor of the Iraq invasion. Kerry can score big rhetorical points in thi s week's debate by showing how, like him, regular people were lied to by Bush about Saddam's WMD (or lack thereof). I would like to say that Central Texas is definitely more Democratic than people think. Just a few miles (in Texas, 7 miles is a very short distance) down the road from Crawford is my hometown of McGregor. You can't go 5 feet in McGregor without tripping over a yard sign supporting Democratic incumbents Chet Edwards and State Rep. John Mabry. Our recent Founders' Day celebration had scads of grassroats Democratic activists handing out "I'm a Chet fan" stickers and waving fans. If the DCCC and the DNC would just put a little more effort into areas like these, Texas would not be a Republican lock in November. Oh well, something to think about for the midterms.


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