Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Insecure 'Security Moms'

You've heard of Soccer Moms and NASCAR Dads, but now we have Security Moms. The hot new must-have demographic in this election. Except they aren't exactly up for grabs. According to Media Matters they never were, but it's OK because they were a small number anyway.

But there's strong evidence that the notion of the pivotal "security mom" is a myth -- one that the media appears to have unquestioningly bought into. Evidence shows that the women who fall under the demographic known as "security moms" -- white, suburban, married women with children -- are no more likely to identify the war on terror as their primary concern than are other constituencies, nor are they a "swing" group poised for persuasion by either candidate. In fact, they are and have been since the beginning of this year solidly in the Bush-Cheney camp
See what I mean? I happened to be watching Deborah Norville last Thursday when she was doing a show on Security Moms, and I noticed something that Debby probably should have thought through beforehand. Every expert she brought on and every statistic she uttered was pretty much countered by her guests revealing that the 66% of women who are undecided that Norville cited believe a) the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq are two very different things and b) they are still more worried about the economy and health care. That pretty much blows the whole Security Mom thing out of the water. Short story shorter, the whole thing is just more useless spin by the GOP to make it look like they are pulling more people to their side and winning those undecideds without even trying. They're worried about security so they obviously choose the strong leader, George W. Bush. Bullshit like that.


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