Sunday, October 10, 2004

At least somebody knows how to vote

Even though there were widespread allegations of voter fraud and 15 presidential candidates removed tehmselves in protest from the ballot, Afghanistan's historic elections went off without a hitch. Actually, it seems that the other candidates have calmed down over the whole washable ink vs. indelible ink controversy (that's still better than Florida and its chads) so it seems the election can be certified. It also appears that Hamid Karzai is the clear winner.

Final results are not expected for several weeks, but scattered exit polls by an American observer delegation showed Karzai with a clear majority of votes and his principal challenger, former cabinet minister Yonus Qanooni, running a distant second. More than 10.5 million men and women registered to vote, and turnout was described as massive by international election observers and the United Nations.
And no widespread bombing or death. If only we could get our elections to go that smoothly.


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