Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bad News Bush-Cheney

It seems the White House is on the defensive after former pro-consul in Iraq L. Paul Bremer made some comments about the inadequacy of the planning for this war. He said that he had pleaded with Bush to send more troops because they had failed to account for an insurgency. Even more strange is this passage in the AP story:

The White House, meanwhile, sought to put the brightest face possible on the final report by the American weapons inspector in Iraq, Charles Duelfer, due out Wednesday. In earlier drafts, Duelfer found Saddam had left signs he had idle weapons programs he someday hoped to revive, but that Saddam did not have stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. Even before Duelfer's final report was issued, McClellan said it bolstered the White House's assertions on Iraq.
Huh? So the lack of WMD proves that we needed to launch a n invasion to get rid of WMD? And the weapons inspectors from the UN who didn't find anything were wrong and that's why we had to waste their time with wild goose chases to burned out buildings? ANd the 12,000 page dossier that Iraq filed in compliance with UN Security Resolution 1443 that said he had no WMD proves we needed to topple his government? I can totally see how Scotty is on drugs. Sometimes I just can't believe how they try to get people to believe something totally opposite to reality. Hopefully John Edwards is gonna throw some of this stuff back in their face tonight as he debates Dick "the DICK" Cheney. I really hope that he points out: a) Halliburton had $73 million dollars worth of contracts for oil extraction equipment and spare parts in the late 1990s and b) the "reconstituted nuclear wepons" bullshit. Come on John, give 'em hell!


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