Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogging the Revolution...some more

I've been at this blogging thing for almost a year (80,000 words in 390 posts or so) and I truly believe in the Revolution that is Internet journalism. While I don't think Joe Trippi is God, he certainly is a very sage campaign strategist and seer of the future for blogs. A recent entry on Hardblogger caught my attention, especially this graf

Corporations, broadcasters, government, and political parties are all top-down institutions. Those at the top make the big calls and we at the bottom have had little power (until now) to effect their decisions. My view for some time has been that the Internet is changing that.  That the Internet is the first medium that allows thousands (sometimes millions) of Americans to come together and combine our power to challenge top down institutions that are failing us and our country. That is because in a society where information is power— then the Internet is not distributing information, it's distributing power. And in a top-down society, it’s distributing power to the bottom.
To me, this bottom up empowerment is not only going to change the way we do things, but also the way we think. My special part of that change is in the way we get information... individualized, personalized media. The blogosphere. Trippi is very much the guru many follow in this campaign of change and he cites the Sinclair Broadcasting example of how effective bloggers are at forcing change in a very real political/business way. Just something to think about


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