Monday, October 11, 2004

Campaign ads of the restless

Living in Texas means not having to say you're sorry (right George?) or watch campaign ads for national office. That's left to swing states, not Republican strongholds. But every once in a while, I glance a Bush or Kerry ad on the History Channel or CNN. Today, I saw a DNC commercial that I thougt was really funny. The greatest thing about the commercial, though, was the fact was that it was for a DNC Web site What Makes George Tick. If there was any doubt left that the new medium for politicking was the Internet, it should now be gone. The Web is the greatest resource and forum with which to speak to constituencies and potential voters mankind has ever seen. We've seen from Dean to Kerry that hundreds of millions of dollars can be raised and campaign ads can be put together for pennies using the Internet. I guess my point (I'm rambling a little and I'm a little incoherent from lack of sleep) is that the Internet is without a doubt, the future for political science and blogs are on the cutting edge of that Revoution in information dissemination.


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