Saturday, October 23, 2004

The coke monkey caught in another lie

How sick a bastard do yu have to be to lie about wanting to help kids. Knight-Ridder has found what seems to be another hole in Bush's timeline after his Guard service (yeah, I know. I'm laughing too).

“I was working full time for an inner-city poverty program known as Project P.U.L.L.,” Bush said in his 1999 autobiography, “A Charge to Keep.” “My friend John White … asked me to come help him run the program. … I was intrigued by John’s offer. … Now I had a chance to help people.”

But White’s administrative assistant and others associated with P.U.L.L., speaking on the record for the first time, say Bush was not helping to run the program and White had not asked Bush to come aboard. Instead, the associates said, White told them he agreed to take Bush on as a favor to Bush’s father, who was honorary co-chairman of the program at the time, and Bush was unpaid. They say White told them Bush had gotten into some kind of trouble but White never gave them specifics.

“We didn’t know what kind of trouble he’d been in, only that he’d done something that required him to put in the time,” said Althia Turner, White’s administrative assistant.

For a long time, many of us have speculated that it may have been a drug-related arrest for his cocaine abuse. But we've never had all these people coming out to talk about how fraudulent Bush has been about his time at PULL.

Maybe with this out in the open, we can get to the bottom of it.

I don't think this is going to have that much of an impact on the election, by the way. But anything that proves this little bastard is a pathological liar is fine by me.


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