Monday, October 18, 2004

Colorado here we come!

I got an email from the Kerry campaign today which I wanted to share with you.

Dear Nathan,

Last Friday, I told you about an important strategy meeting taking place over the weekend. Now I want to report back about how that meeting went and how your efforts made all the difference.

Towards the end of every presidential campaign, strategists like me crowd into small conference rooms and huddle around spreadsheets with polling data and financial reports. We argue about the best course of action in key battleground states and then we argue with the finance guy about if we can afford it. These meetings usually involve a series of tough decisions guided as much by cash shortages as they are by strategy.

The meeting we had this weekend was different. Time and time again when we decided on the best strategy to win a state and turned to the finance guy his answer was "go for it." It was "go for it" because of the contributions you made just last week.

You deserve some specifics: At one point during the meeting, talk turned to Colorado. Many pundits thought this state was in the win column for George Bush. But polls show this is not the case -- we can win Colorado. We decided that we should be aggressive here and once again the answer was "go for it." On the night of November 2, when Colorado is called for John Kerry, know it was because of you.

I just wanted to say "thank you" -- you continue to make the difference.

Let's get it done,

Michael Whouley General Election Strategist

It just so happens that Judy Woodruff is in Colorado today to talk about how "up for grabs" it is and to discuss the ballot initiative. I really believe th initiative will pass and we will get at least 4 of the EVs. If Whouley is right though, it could becomea double-edged sword and we could lose votes from Colorado if we were to get a plurality or majority there.

I think we are polling well there and we could get a fair amount of support, but we shouldn't put too many resources there. If money is no object, I would really like to see some support laid for groundwork campaigns in places like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The growing Hispanic population in the Southwest could put Democrats over the top in the midterms and next presidential election and should not be taken for granted that it's red.


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