Monday, October 18, 2004

Dear God, not again

I hate to say I warned you (link to previous post later) but I warned you. Electronic voting, for all the cool tech stuff nerds like me like, were not ready to be used this time around. But some of you went ahead anyway, even though I told you not to. So now Florida is already experiencing problems with its voting systems in Broward County (yes that Broward County).

At the Tamarac branch public library, where voting stopped after the computer glitch, Sally Zwanger, a poll watcher for the Kerry campaign, claimed the problems reflected the inability of Gov. Jeb Bush's administration to fix voting problems left over from the 2000 election. "The worst thing to hear was, 'I support Kerry, but I can't wait in this line,'" she said. "We are having a repeat of 2000, and it's only in Florida that this could happen. This administration would do anything to ensure that he [Bush] stays in office."
Why is it always just in Democratic counties? Also, some evidence of voter supression by the GOP in Pennsylvania. Interested in any comments on the fact that Cheney was in Pennsylvania today. Coincidence?


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