Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Debate Pro 2004

So many debates, so little time. I watched the Edwards-Wohlgemuth debate for Texas 17 just now and I have to say it was probably the most entertaining I've seen in a while. It wasn't wonks wet dream or anything, but it was full of... crap. Yeah crap. My guy Edwards was stuck pandering to the conservatives in this gerrymandered district while Wohlgemuth argued that Bush likes her so you should too. It was also the third debate in as many weeks where the Republican brought up the Democrat voting against the "partial-birth abortion ban." At least this time, the Democrat pointed out that the ban was in fact struck down as unconstitutional. That doesn't seem to matter to Republicans, they'd vote for anyting unconstitutional, except banning guns. everything's negotiable except the second amendment. My favorite line of the night belongs to Edwards. Discussing the Erath county watershed and runoff from dairy farms going into the Bosque River and into Lake Waco, he talked about a proposal Arlene made that we should ban dogs and cats because they are the real problem with the drinking water (in case you can't tell, she sided with the farmers). So Chet says "Can you imagine how many chihuahuas it would take to equal the waste from one dairy farm?" Arlene tied to earn points for bringing up some unnamed girl who died because of an abortion her parents didn't know about. Chet definitely earned points for telling us about Jenny Jones from Keats, Texas who lost her husband in a house fire and her 3-year-old is no longer covered by CHIP thanks to Arlene Wohlgemuth. And he brought her up several times. My position was already concrete before this debate, so I didn't really have o watch it. It was more for entertainment value than anything. Funny side note, the moderator told the audience that the Trib was doing a full transcript on our Web site, which was news to us. Also no poll.


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