Wednesday, October 06, 2004

DeLayGate: If they don't rebuke you must re-puke edition

So DeLay got admonished for his unethical conduct yet again. So what? No one has yet to censure, or even deeply investigate the allegations against him.

The committee's findings -- a report admonishing his conduct -- nonetheless spared him a lengthy investigation by the ethics panel. By concluding the case with no more than a report on DeLay's conduct, the investigation is unlikely to affect his ability to push the Republican agenda through the House if the GOP retains its majority.
It's a little bit like bringing the A.Q. Khan network "to justice." Nothing really happens. I would really like to see moderate and conservative Republicans shun DeLay. Anyone who is moderately human knows that DeLay is not. He may bot be the "cheese-eating dick weasel" I mentioned (a moment of pique on my part) before, but he is a bad, bad man who has done things that everyone knows were unethical, yet he doesn't have to face any consequences. And that is wrong. Still, I'm excited about it. The one thing this is doing is shining a light on Tom DeLay, and cockroaches like him can't stand the light. Amazingly, most Americans have never heard of him. It's not like the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives would even speak at the political convention of his party after all. People like DeLay play in the dark and we in the blogosphere aren't letting this go.


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