Saturday, October 09, 2004

Do you have a follow up?

Here is Saletan's take on last night's debate. I have to say I agree with him that Kerry didn't smack many out of the park, but he did bring up Michael J. Fox during the stem cell question, which has to count for something. He brought up Enron when it came time to discuss tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals. He was obviously not the great compassionate speaker than nobody thought he was, but Bush was still belligerent and yelling at the moderator (I guess the volume was turned up too high on his ear piece). His fidgety-ness and his strange way of answering certain questions had to creep out many undecideds, which is what the Gallup data shows us this morning. Slate also has something on WoodGate. I'm going to keep pushing that until I see it on the cover of the Times. Also, there is this bit reaffirming that I am a genius:

Here's Wallace: Saddam "was making a concerted effort to avoid sanctions," and "he had the means and the ability to reconstitute his WMD program." But, wait—the sanctions were precisely what were keeping Saddam from doing that. He had "the means and the ability" only if the sanctions had been lifted, and a Bush veto in the United Nations could have kept the sanctions in effect permanently. Ed Gillespie and Ken Mehlman cited the oil-for-food program as evidence that the sanctions didn't work. But again, Saddam's bribes were an attempt to get out of the sanctions that had stripped him of his chemical weapons, his biological weapons, and his nuclear program.
Damn skippy it doesn't make sense. If Bush-Cheney would just quit lying...


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