Saturday, October 09, 2004

Final thoughts before bed

I'm going to bed soon because I want to get up early for the Red River Shootout between UT and OU. In presentation, I thought tonight's debate was closer to a draw than the decisive victory Kerry won last week. But people still saw the smirking obviously unprepared Bush flailing wildy to hit Kerry on something, anything. It is that desperation and oddness that is causing Bush so many problems; he can't handle pressure. Which I think is the best reason to vote him out of office. But what I think apparently doesn't matter. It's what the media thinks as it writes its stories of what happened in St. Louis. Sad to say, the spin has gone Bush's way in many respects by almost everyone agreeing that it was a draw. Praise for Bush's no falling flat on his face and cussing out a questioner seems to dominate what's being reported. This Washington Post story says

Bush, too, made important alterations to his performance. He pushed back just as aggressively as he did in the first debate against Kerry's criticism, but he did so with less of the peevish edge and dismissive facial expressions that even his own aides agreed marred that performance.
But he did screw up, and he told quite a few whoppers and weird answers. I think the spin is on and I'm not going to stop writing until the front page of the Post has something on WoodGate (I just made that up, must credit me!!!!!) The battle has only just begun.


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