Monday, October 25, 2004

For the love of God

I'm about to go apo-fucking-pleptic! A quick viewing of both CNN and MSNBC shows the top story of the day is... Ashley Simpson? Who the hell cares if she lip-synchs? That doesn't matter. It has absolutely no bearing whatsoever to the fate of the free world. How hard is it to say "By the way the Bush administration screwed up and allowed 350 tons of high explosives into the hands of deadly terrorists and they've been trying to cover it up for 18 months?" Oh, and the top political story of the day is Renquist being hospitalized for thyroid cancer. That may have some imoprtance after the election, but right now, I'm more worried that some idiot is going to be re-elected and give more ammunition to Islamist terrorists! All you have to say is "We wish the Chief Justice a speedy recovery." But no, Judy Woodruff is going to give us the rundown that we don't know what it means. What the hell is wrong with these people? It's impossible that they were all dropped on their heads as children, so what gives? Jon Stewart is right. They are not doing their job to help inform the citizens of our democracy so they can make an educated choice. They are takling about some teenage girl making a mistake on Saturday Night Live. Pathetic.


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