Friday, October 08, 2004

Initial scores

I've only been able to watch a few minutes of tonight's debate. It's a 30-minute drive to work, so I missed a whole third of it, actually. From what I've seen, though, Kerry has definitely done a good job. Bush, expectedly shines in these town hall forums. But Kerry has delivered some crushing lines. To wit:

"It's teh military's job to win the war. It's the president's job to win the peace."
From the bobbing heads in the background, I think that struck a chord. And it also explains why he's never gone after Bush for the "Mission Accomplished" banner and speech. He's talking about winning the peace and that was about combat operations being over. I bet Kerry's been itchin' to use that line for a while too. Bush has taken a few jabs at Kerry as well. Trying to play up the "I'm trying to decipher that" line of attack. But he's been trying to argue that the sanctions weren't working so we had to invade Iraq, but Saddam wanted to get rid of the sanctions so he could build WMD. Those two are mutually exclusive. Kerry's argument that we rushed to war obviously is a counter to that, we'll just have to see how good. The thing that caught me was that during the discussion on tax cuts, Bush was trying to argue that 900,000 small businesses would be affected. Kerry argued, correctly, that not near that many would be according to the IRS data I saw earlier this year. Kerry also pointed out that Bush himself files as a "Sub-chapter S type corporation" on his personal income tax filings. Bush came back with "that's news to me." This could be Bush's "I've never met him before tonight" moment. But it needs to be researched whether or not he owns the lumber company Kerry says he does and I can't right now because I'm work. So I'm inviting all of my readers to search teh Web to try and find this and prove it true. Post it in the comments to this post and you will get all the credit. Remember to leave a name. I hesitate to call it a win for Kerry (I didn't see enough) but I'm obviously inclined to believe he did after Bush uttered some whoopers. So that's how I'm voting in online polls tonight.


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