Saturday, October 09, 2004

Is he wired to the internets?

There is a lot of weird debate today about the Bush cheated and used a wire or an earpiece in the first debate. Photos of Bush's back show an odd rectangular bulge on his back between the shoulder blades. Conspiracy theorists are going to be at this one for a while. There is definitely something there, and the stupid explanations his people are giving "most likely a rumpling of that portion of his suit jacket, or a wrinkle in the fabric," make you wonder. It freaked me out to no end when he said "Let me finish" to a quiet room. But at the same time, he did so appallingly bad. Cheating is supposed to give you an edge. My theory? Karen Hughes was talking to him through an earpiece. That stupid cow just couldn't come up with a good sound bite for him so she was constantly yelling in his ear "hard work, hard work. A.Q. Kahn has been brought to justice!" So Bush finally snapped.


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