Monday, October 11, 2004

Kinda tired

I just want to say to all my loyal readers (already over 1100 hits!) that today is not really a good day. I'm kinda tired from being up all day and night for a few days straight, so I'm not really going to post anymore tonight. Plus I found out my mom had a minor heart attack Saturday when we thought it was just a pulled chest muscle. At this point, bypass surgery is the only real option. I'm not anticipating any real change of schedule from blogging or work, but keep it in mind if I take a day off, please. Other than that, I think it's a slow news day. The Sinclair story broke in the mainstream this weekend. I've already posted my thoughts on it, but there are a few updates, especially the possible legal ramifications that could end with a lawsuit. The only other big story is WiredGate (must credit Nate for ingenious Gate whoring!!!) which I've posted on as well. you know my opinion is that Karen Hughes was feeding him info, she's just really stupid. There does seem to be a little discrepancy, though. Common wisdom now says it really was just a rumple in his suit from his bad posture, but the Fly Trap has him geting his suits from a Chicago-based tailor using against-the-fashion-grain Scottish wool and everyone else seems to think some Frenchy custom tailors Mr. Cowboy's suits. Either way, it seems he has escaped scrutiny by the next debate, but I think it shows how willing people are to now question his credibility ad truthfulness. That's a big improvement. That's all for now; it's taking me twice as long as usual to finish work tonight because I keep losing focus.


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