Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A little upset

Part of the problem is that the Waco Tribune-Herald endorsed Republican "Doc" Anderson instead of my guy, incumbent John Mabry on Sunday. And part of the problem is Anderson. I try not to get too overly zealous and partisan, but guys like Anderson make me sick. He tries to pass himself off as a regualar guy only to blsat his opponent with a heavily negative campaign. Listening to a radio ad today, I heard the word liberal 12 times in a 30-second spot. The point of the spot was to make people think that liberals don't represent our "values." This values crap makes me mad because they are basically intimating that I don't have any. Something that personal is just over the line, so I end up pointing out so and so is wife-beater because I'm angry and want to punch back. Or that so and so has cheated on his last three wives so he is probably at it again. Or that Gov. Goodhair is having a secret gay relationship (it turned out to be governor of New Jersey, which is close enough I guess). That's where a lot of the ire I have for Republicans comes from, and why I associate myself so strongly with the Democrats. If it weren't for Republcan slime like Anderson, I would only be moderately involved in politics and loosely associated with a party that shares similar ideals. I would probably even be an independent. But until I accrue enough power to crush the Republican Party, I can't afford myself the luxury of truly independent political stances. Really though, the few issues I differ with the Democrats on involve their centrist movement throughout the 90s, when I'm in fact a Kennedy Democrat.


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