Thursday, October 07, 2004

Locals in the news

In today's Waco Tribune-Herald there is an interesting story about a local state house race. District 57's incumbent Democrat Jim Dunnam has a huge campaign war chest for a state representative job, but the story is about his Republican challenger making strides in his fund-raising efforts. I really wish I could get my hands on some internal polls for that race, and the race in my own District 56 with incumbent Democrat John Mabry. Conventional wisdom is Mabry is going to lose to Republican "Doc" Anderson despite Anderson taking illegal campaign contributions. And I would really like to see some numbers on the Chet Edwards v. Arlene Wohlegemuth (is that spelled right?) race. Edwards is an incumbent Democrat in newly formed U.S. Congressional District 17, thanks in large part to Tom "You can't admonish me" DeLay's redistricting here in Texas. Edwards is fairly moderate to conservative (what do you expect in Texas) and is really strong on defense. Wohlgemuth sided with dairy farmers upstream in a recent court battle over runoff into Waco's drinking water. It fostered algae and made it taste bad, but more to the point, there is cow shit in our drinking water. Oh and she voted to cut kids from the CHIPs program. Her main campaign platform seems to be she will do whatever Bush tells her to do. If he loses and she wins, I suppose she will just sit and read My Pet Goat. I highly recommend contributing to these guys, if for no other reason than to humiliate Bush since this is his home district. Plus these are good Democratic congressmen who need to make some headway into Republican territory.


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