Thursday, October 14, 2004

Maybe she's too gay

In last night's debate, in response to a question about whether or not being gay was a choice (I'm sure people choose to be picked on) Kerry mentioned Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary. Lynne Cheney was none too happy about, apparently. This from the Washington Post:

Lynne Cheney issued her post-debate rebuke to a cheering crowd outside Pittsburgh."The only thing I can conclude is he is not a good man. I'm speaking as a mom," she said. "What a cheap and tawdry political trick."
It strikes me that she was protesting a little too much. I don't know that much about the Cheneys, but I get the feeling she was angry that her daughter had been outed (even though she is openly gay and has appeared numerous times with her lover, though most notably not a the RNC) and for bringing politics into it, even though Mary works for Bush-Cheney '04. The only thing I'm getting from this is that they are indeed worried that it will turn off conservative religious voters and cost them their key constituency. So Lynne, dutifully, went out and basically said how dare you remind everyone my daughter is a lesbian when asked whether or not it is OK to be a lesbian and then say it is the way she was born.


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