Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The most important thing I will ever write

I really wish it would be a plea for you to read this Slate article refuting Bush's assertions over the weekend about a new "Kerry Doctrine" by, you know, quoting Kerry in full instead of taking things out of context to mislead and lie to his own supporters. No, instead it is this Slate article on Starbucks overcharging us caffeine addicts.

For Starbucks to publicly announce its price increase is either an act of hubris or supreme confidence. Some people come to Starbucks for the bonhomie, others for the soothing music, still others for the wi-fi access. But pretty much all come for the liquid caffeine. And when a retailer loudly raises the price of its main product, it runs the risk of pricing some consumers out.
Really though, you should probably read both. Just get frappuccinoed up like me and curse wildy at the computer screen. You'll be surprised at the new friends you'll make.


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