Thursday, October 14, 2004

No more oil?

My good friend (and regular reader) Dr. Gary Johnson has a piece in today's Trib about good plan to totally eliminate our need for imported oil. The best part, we already have all the technology, all that's involved is actually doing it.

My bold proposal: There should be tax breaks and incentives to the auto manufacturers to produce every model (including heavy trucks) as a hybrid.
Seems simple enough, and, if memory serve, it is the Kerry energy plan. Doc Johnson is not what I would call a partisan Democrat by any stretch of the imagination. He is a very practical guy whose degree is in energy efficiency. And let's not forget the foreign policy implications. Being free of Mideast oil would mean not having to kiss up to the Saudi royal family or going on misadventures in Iraq. It means not worrying about policing Venezuela and its guerilla problems. It means not having to factor in a deal with the devil to keep people on their way to work.


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