Friday, October 29, 2004

Post puts it on front page

The Washington Post has, on their Web site, this story about GOP challenges in minority and Democratic areas to voter registrations. The piece is generally very balanced, but contains this graf, which , in no uncertain terms, spells out exactly what is going on.

The move in Milwaukee, a heavily minority and Democratic stronghold, is part of a national effort by Republicans in many battleground states to challenge voter registrations.

A similar effort by a former Nevada GOP operative to question 17,000 Democratic voters in Las Vegas was rejected earlier month by election officials there. Republicans also have filed plans in Florida and Colorado to place watchers who can challenge voters in those key states on Election Day.

It's nice to know that somebody in the mainstream media has figured this out.

Meanwhile, Republicans are still doing it. If we can't win the election (I'm starting to wonder whether or not Mary Poppins isn't voting for Bush in Ohio) we sure as hell win the PR war and make their lives a living hell.


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