Monday, October 25, 2004

Scottie Boy: It's the Iraqis' fault?

Today's press gaggle (an apt term sometimes) left a funny impression, that it was the Iraqis' fault the al Qaqaa debacle happened even though we were in charge of the country at the time. From today's press briefing:

Q Scott, did we just have enough troops in Iraq to guard and protect these kind of caches? MR. McCLELLAN: See, that's -- now you just hit on what I just said a second ago, that the sites now are really -- my understanding, they're the responsibility of the Iraqi forces. And I disagree with the way you stated your question, because one of the lessons we've learned of history is that it's important to listen to the commanders on the ground and our military leaders when it comes to troop levels. And that's what this President has always done. And they've said that we have the troop levels we need to complete the mission and succeed in Iraq. Q But you're saying this is the responsibility of the Iraqi forces. But this was our responsibility until just recently, isn't that right? Weren't these -- there is some U.S. culpability, as far as -- MR. McCLELLAN: You're trying -- I think you're taking this out of context of what was going on. This was reported missing after -- when the interim government informed that these munitions went missing some time after April 9th of 2003, remember, that was when we were still involved in major military action at that point. And there were a number of important priorities at that point. There were munitions, munition caches spread throughout Iraq. There were -- there was a concern that there would be massive refugees fleeing the country. There is concern about the devastation that could occur to the oil fields. There was concern about starvation that could happen for the Iraqi people. So -- and obviously there is an effort to go and secure these sites. The Department of Defense can talk to you about -- because they did go in and look at this site and look to see whether or not there were weapons of mass destruction there. So you need to talk to Department of Defense, because I think that would clarify that for you and set that record straight.
I hate that little weasel. He will go out and brazenly lie to the press, and by extension, the American people. This is the high art of political bullshitting bought down to a base level. Scottie, you make us sick. Also, trying to pin it on the Iraqis, even though by then all of the reporters had to have read the Times piece which states that the Iraqis told Bremer (cause we were the occupying power there) about the cache being looted. And the report filed to the IAEA states that the Iraqis were being asked not to tell by the administration. They certainly knew about it bfore this past week. You are a liar and a very poor excuse for a human being Scott McClellan.


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