Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The spin is in

Most of the Internet polls seem to have cast last night as a tie. Which obviously does nothing to hurt the Kerry-Edwards momentum. So I'm fine with that. The post-debate coverage on MSNBC was, how shall we say, lacking. They basically assumed that many of the charges and accusation of Cheney were truthful. Don't these guys ever learn? Bush gave a major new speech today. Except that it has nothing new in it; it's just his stump speech in a different order. Harsh criticisms and accusations that he couldn't think of last week and couldn't utter on stage because he knew they would get shot down. Pathetic. If only he could wait a week after his opponent said something to debate him on it, then he might actually make a good president. But we need someone who won't sit around for seven minutes when we are under attack.


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