Wednesday, October 13, 2004

T-15 minutes

In just 15 minutes, the final presidential debate will begin. I'm here at work, but I will try to live blog as much as I can. I just saw this article in Rolling Stone that expains a few things about the poor press coverage of Kerry and some of the strategy from the Kerry campaign.

This sounds good, but I wonder if McCurry has located a fatal flaw with Bush -- much like Sasso's realization that Bush is living in a fantasy world of spin. "He is tremendously insecure," McCurry says. "Any time any of his aides look like they have stature, he wants to suppress that, because it's about him. When it's not about him, he gets nervous that people will understand that he's not as good as everyone thinks he is."
Bush has a notoriously short fuse, and that is what Kerry has been hitting at in the last two debates. Hopefully, he will get little George to explode or something on national televsion. Other than than, I'm going to leave it to the candidate. Everybody and their unborn child has some kind of advice for Kerry or thinks they could do Mary Beth Cahill's job. I don't. Not yet, anyway. This article also reaffirms my intense hatred for the very biased Nedra Pickler. May she contract a horrible venerial disease and die.


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