Monday, October 18, 2004

Texas redistricting redux

Most of you know how I felt about the 2003 redistricting here in Texas spearheaded by Tom DeLay. In fact, it is one of the many reasons I'm supporting John Mabry, he was one of the 50 state legislators who fled to Ardmore, Okla. to break quorum and derail the plan. It's too late for this election cycle, but the Supreme Court (of the united States) has decided to revisit the issue of Texas redistricting. It is kind of hack move to when there may be different justices to decide since the Court is so split on the role of redistricting and gerrymandering for political advantage. Even so, it is a victory for Texas Democrats. Any House losses can be recouped later in 2006 and Chet Edwards could get Ft. Hood back in his district, which would make sense considering he is a ranking member of the Armed Services Appropriations committee. Republicans stripped it from District 17 since it was a big base of support for him.


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