Friday, October 29, 2004

This can't be good for the White House

The FBI is expanding its probe into overcharges and contracts with VP Dick Cheney's former company Halliburton. Just looking at this PR-wise, it cannot be good for the Bush strategy of attacking Kerry. It makes you look really weak when a question gets asked about Halliburton and you try to change the subject to Kery voting for the $87 billion dollars before he voted against it. Reporters will shake their heads as they write your political epitaph. I really don't know all the facts on this one, but this Houston Chronicle story has a whistleblower and everything, so that can't be good.

Bunnatine Greenhouse, the corps' "competition advocate," contends commanders improperly assigned a subordinate to examine possible fuel overcharges related to Halliburton's Iraqi oil contract to keep her "in the dark."

The Justice Department is conducting a criminal probe into the potential fuel overcharges, which Pentagon auditors calculate may have amounted to about $61 million.

Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.

BTW, who names their kid Bunnatine?


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