Monday, October 25, 2004

To the local races

I've already voted for John Mabry, so I can't do it again this year. But I can try to convince you to go vote for him. Apparently, he is going to need your support, too. According to the Trib, most people are leaning in the direction of "Doc" Anderson and believe he will win. Our district heavily favors Republicans, but Mabry won in a "fluke" with 51%. Read the story, but thisis the part I like best:

Anderson acknowledged to taking one $1,000 corporate contribution, which he refunded and said was from a friend who mistakenly used a corporate check. He also said about $7,000 worth of campaign material marked on campaign finance reports stretching back to 2001 from Waco Printing Co. were reported incorrectly and should have been noted as a contribution from the company's owner. "We're learning," Anderson said. "I’m a veterinarian. I’m not an accountant. I’m not a trial lawyer." The Texas Ethics Commission is reviewing 13 complaints filed by McLennan County's Democratic chairman. The commission will meet Nov. 10, eight days after the election. Meanwhile, Anderson has not provided any checks or documentation showing that the inkind, or goods and services, contributions actually were paid for by the company's owner.
Republicans are like that. Go to and contribute. Then go vote for him.


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