Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday's with Tucker Carlson: Wonkette gets naming rights?

Wonkette has taken it upon herself to name the ensuing controversy over Jon Stewart calling Bow Tie Boy "a dick" on Crossfire last week. Her moniker of choice: TuckerGate. Now, I think we have had far too many Gates in this election cycle. We need more stringent control over the Gate-naming process (I sound like a real Democrat, don't I?). So from now on, I declare that we only give Gate status to controversies involving people running for or already in public office. That leaves us with a slight dilemma. What do we call it? Here's my suggestion, straight from the AP on the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" and ensuing media firestorm, which they never fail to refer to as "the Janet Jackson breast flap." So I'm going to start calling this controversy as the Tucker Carlson dick flap. People, I can't help it if it's a double entendre.


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