Thursday, October 07, 2004

Would you like some stupidity with your coffee?

This is what makes some of us wonder if we are, in fact, in the Twilight Zone: Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War. The report that proves that Saddam's regime ability to make WMD (and that did NOT have any) had diminished and that he was not a "grave and gathering threat" also proves that we needed to invade his country to get rid of those very same WMD. Bizarro. He's trying to use deductive reasoning to say that we would never have known for sure that there were no WMD unless we invaded. By that reasoning though, I could never know for sure that my neighbors don't have all the socks I've lost over the years unless I set their house on fire. Here's a thought, we could have given Hans Blix and the weapons inspectors (guess what their job is) and they could have told us smarty pants. But then Halliburton wouldn't have gotten all those sweet no-bid contracts. What a consistent idiot.


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