Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wow, caught in another lie

I'm amazed at just how many lies there are for this bunch of numbskulls to get caught in. You'd think they would stop lying and trying to mislead people... but you'd be wrong. An ABC News affiliate from Minneapolis had an imbedded news team in Iraq after the war was over, and they filmed the al Qaqaa facility, after the war was over, and the explosives were still there. Dum dum dum!!! Watch the video, it's pretty revealing. You're going to have to use IE if you're running Firefox like I do, otherwise it won't play. What we gather from the video is that there were lots of explosives there, and that the site was not secured after the taping. The best the Bush team can come up with is that Kerry is "jumping to wild accusations" or that the Russians took them. What kind of Cold War bullshit is that? Even if the explosives in the video turn out to not be the RDX or HMX, it is pretty clear evidence that the site was not secured and that weapons weren't the real concern during the invasion, which is the point of Kerry's criticisms. As Scott McClellan has said, we had oil fields to secure and not enough troops to do both jobs.


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