Sunday, October 24, 2004

Yea, Kerry endorsement!

My own paper, the Waco Tribune-Herald has now endorsed John Kerry. I've known since Friday that we were, but I'm not even the first to link to the Web site, BOR is. The editorial board even gave us a little cheat sheet so that if a caller wants to complain, we can answer them. No one has called in the 24 minutes I've been here, which is sort of a bummer. I wanted to heckle some people calling in with stupid questions like "Why do you hate President Bush?" "Because he is too short. Next." But, alas, no. Our editor Carlos Sanchez wrote an email to explain that we are actually the largest Texas newspaper to NOT endorse Bush. Wow. It makes me feel really good about the decision making ability of our board, even if the endorsed "Doc" Anderson the much-hated Republican. I'll leave it to you to link to the Trib Web site above and read the endorsement yourself for their reasoning. I have to disagree with some of it. Bush's sheer incompetence is enough to vote for John Kerry, his service and his leadership skills are a plus in my book.


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