Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You know who I think won

I think it's pretty obvious who won tonight's debate: John Kerry. Bush definitely wanted to come back and hit him, but he was the too eager to attack and slander his opponent type eager. And the need to make faces but now scowl ends up with some freakish looks. Not to mention everything that Bush said tonight was an almost total lie. Tomorrow morning, hopefully, every newspaper will have lists aof all the factual inaccuricies (lies, lies, lies!) Bush made last night, including the really weird "I didn't say that" Ann Coulter moment early on. And Kerry did what he really had to do, he humanized himself with a lot of the more divisive issues like abortion and gay marriage. He had trouble in the town hall one and it cost him. Tonight was a remarble turn around on that front. I haven't heard any post-debate spin. This is all my unvarnished thoughts, so do well to read this and then what I have to say tomorrow.


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