Wednesday, October 20, 2004

You remember when...

You remember way back when we used to talk about how our government condoned torture? Remember Abu Ghraib, that place Bush couldn't pronounce? Well, we have something to talk about again, which is pretty nice since we have that election thing going on right now. According to the Washington Post an MP has pleaded guilty to abusing prisoners, but

Frederick said an Army investigator responsible for interrogations encouraged him to abuse the detainee, saying he didn't care what was done to the prisoner "as long as you don't kill him."
This is the seniormost soldier to plea guilty, and his charge that military intelligence designed the torture and condoned it carries weight, especially for pending cases. I also want to quote on of those detained who testified, since I think it puts a lot of this in perspective:
A former Iraqi detainee, the first to testify publicly at a court-martial about the abuse, said Frederick punched him and forced him to masturbate in front of other detainees who were "crying and screaming." Army officials asked that the man's name, which was entered into the court record, not be disclosed to protect him. "I was crying," the former detainee said during the court-martial at Camp Victory, a large Army installation near Baghdad International Airport. "I wanted to kill myself." He paused and put his head down on the stand for several minutes. The man, who had been detained for allegedly stealing a car and participating in a riot, said he was forced to sleep naked in a cell that was flooded with water. "I felt humiliated but I had nothing to kill myself," the former detainee said.
Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside to know we bought democracy to them, doesn't it?


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