Sunday, November 21, 2004

'An abomination unto the Lord,' so sayeth the Movie Blog

That's not really a movie title headline, but it does accuately reflect what this post is about. According to National Treasure was tops at the box office this weekend. What the hell is wrong with you people? Why would you go see a piece of shit like that? As a general rule of thumb, anything produced by Jerry Bruckheimer is not worth the toilet paper they wiped their asses with and called a script. Explosions do not a movie make is what we believe here at Common Sense Movie Blog. Starting with an unbelievable plot, a horribly named character (the real Ben Franklin is rolling over in his grave) and some seriously confused history lessons, I can't find one good reason to go see it. I don't give a flying fuck if it has Nick Cage in it. He's not that good an actor anyway. He always plays characters that are too over the top and impossible to identify with. I can't identify with the bioweapons specialist for the FBI or the obsessive compulsive thief or the cop who was sent to jail for killing the guy who tried to hurt my wife on a rainy night and now I've got to stop John Malkovich on an airplane over Las Vegas. It's all shit. If I'm going to watch a movie with a stupid plot and unreal characters, I'm going to watch a cheesy horror movie. At least they won't waste $50 million bucks on the shit and your girlfriend will put out during a Friday the 13th marathon. Only in a country that would re-elect George W. Bush would a movie as stupid as National Treasure be No. 1. After all, why take your kids to see the real National Archives when you can take them to see Nicholas Cage steal it for the treasure map that's on the back.


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