Tuesday, November 23, 2004

All systems are breaking down

George Carlin got me really interested in studying entropy when I was younger. A lot of my existenstial philosphies in life come from from identifying with him, as a matter of fact. And I was very interested in hearing about how all systems in nature break down. It's about time for the BCS system to break down if you ask me. Yeah, I'm bitching about college football and somehow linking it to a serious scientific discipline. Only Nate can do that. But I'm very irate over how Texas is getting screwed in the polls. They are No. 5; but instead of going to a nice BCS Bowl game, they are probably going to end up at the Cotton Bowl, if they're lucky. The Cotton Bowl is a piece of historic Texas, but frankly it's falling apart and the paycheck is just not big enough for a team that is consistently in the Top 10 like UT. This is the second year that they are getting passed over after reaching the Top 6 in the BCS rankings, mostly because Oklahoma is always ranked ahead of them and takes the automatic Big 12 spot. I'm a big-time Texas fan, and I'm really getting tired of seeing them get screwed over on a regular basis because some crappy-ass teams get automatic bids even if they have more losses than a team with only one.


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