Friday, November 12, 2004

At least it's on the table

Finally, there is some discussion on how best to use blogs for political campaigns. For me, blogging the Revolution is being part of my most highest ideal. I want people to be as informed as possible as soon as possible, and blogs are definitely a new path to that ideal. I also think Democrats need something to counter the conservative echo chamber. The GOP has had 30 years to build think tanks, talk radio empires, newspaper editorial boards and cable news channels. How many stations carry nationally syndicated liberal radio shows? How many newspapers editorial boards have a strong, outspoken conservative editor or publisher? Who's the liberal show host for MSNBC? That's why it is so ridiculous to charge liberal bias in today's media. But the blogosphere changed all of that. In less than a year, ordinary people began using the Internet to counteract the conservative tidal wave. The Bush message machine had to compete with the likes of Kos and Atrios. In a future where having an actual physical newspaper delivered to your front door will be a quaint memory and people will listen more to the Top 40 than king dittohead himself on the radio, only cable news and the Internet will be a place to gather news for the masses. And what cable news talks about today will be what was on my blog yesterday. So, it is good that bloggers get together and discuss what the future of blogging will be, since it is likely the future of journalism itself.


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