Monday, November 08, 2004

Back to the Future

We had something of a rarity at the Trib this weekend. We had a story about blogging. Catherine Atkinson, the Brazos Living editor is a friend of mine, and she's young enough to appreciate the trappings of the blogosphere. Actually, she kows how into it I am and she likes to make fun of me, but that is between me and my therapist. Anyway, we ran a wire story on Friday cat-blogging that I thought was worth mentioning. I also thought this Business Week Online story I ran into at Wonkette was worth mentioning. I know, I know, what am I doing linking to business stories on Wonkette? But it was worth it, if only for this graf:

Big media need to accept blogs into their ranks. And in turn, blogs need to be prepared to find themselves subjected to more and more scrutiny in the pages of newspapers and magazines. As for the exit polls: Next time, better take a pass.
The focus of the article is on how bloggers went around telling everyone about Kerry's impending victory only to be proved wrong because of the variation in the exit poll data. More importantly, though, Business Week recognizes that blogs aren't going anywhere. If anything, they are becoming more cemented and legitimized by Big Media. Blogs now have a definite place in the food chain and can only grow from here. The real question is how do bloggers adapt to this new news landscape without an impending election and how much play they get for themselves from Big Media. We need to maintain relevance in the political discussion until the next election cycle otherwise we are no more than a novelty, not a revolution.


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