Monday, November 01, 2004

Bad weather days

When I was in school, we used o have so many bad weather days where we didn't have to go to class that we would have days taken away from us in the Spring when we supposed to be on vacation. Presidnetial elections are the same way. If you skip going to the polls because of a little rain or wind, It might come back to bite you on the ass. I'm not advocating driving 20 miles to the polls through a freak blizzard, but keep in mind how close this election is supposed to be (though it's not really). Your vote could make the difference in keeping a blue state blue or a red state swinging blue. Here are a few incidents of weather making the difference in an election. I would like to point out that I don't actually put a lot of stock in this. I think something a lot stronger than inclement weather would drive someone to not go vote when they have every intention of doing it. In the races cited, I think last minute changes of heart about how a person feels about their candidate make a much bigger difference than rain and cloudy skies. But, in case you are wondering, here is a forecast of tomorrow's weather.


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