Saturday, November 13, 2004

Breaking News

This looks like Breaking News at the top of the banner at Raw Story. Cheney taken to hospital because of shortness of breath. It could perhaps be another heart attack. I'd ask you all to pray, if that's what you do, that he's all right. I don't wish death on anybody, except maybe Osama bin Laden... and Bill Gates... and my new sworn enemy Grand Inquisitor James Dobson. But we also need to live in the real world where people who have had 20 some odd heart attacks don't live through them all. We need to be ready to have a discussion on what happens if Cheney dies and who Bush might appoint to fill the spot. The popular but moderate Rudy Guiliani? Radical Cleric James Dobson? Not-yet-sworn-in freshman senator Tom Coburn? It's a question worth asking, even if in bad taste.


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