Friday, November 19, 2004

Credit where credit is due

This bit today in New Donkey is enough to make me question my own hate-filled vitriol which I spew at length towards "appeasers" in the Democratic party. Question, not change. Actually, there is fair point to the argument that giving up on cultural issues and going left or "hanging tough" cedes a lot of ground to the Republicans. Precious ground that has to made up elsewhere at great expense. So I'm willing to talk about a strategy that involves using cultural, "moral" issues to arrive at policy. especially since my own moral beliefs enter so frequently in my own positions. I've said it before, I'll work with Republicans, but that's not what they want. They want obedience instead of discourse, as in this piece in blockquotes:

"It's fine if religion influences your moral values. But when you make public arguments, you have to ground them--as much as possible--in reason and evidence, things that are accessible to people of different religions, or no religion at all. Otherwise, you can't persuade other people, and they can't persuade you.... [Harsh] cricitism is not disrespect--and to claim it is undermines democratic debate."
Which arrives at the same place I am, just via different route. The thing I have not talked about since the election is the need of the party to remain intact and working together. A unified Democratic party with a strong front to oppose the GOP will be what gets us there in the end.


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