Friday, November 19, 2004

DeLayGate: I didn't know slime was brown

Think about that headline for a second and it will kick in. Josh Marshall has been awesome in covering who in the GOP Caucus voted for the "DeLay Rule" yesterday. Just start at the top and scroll down and you will a wealth of information. Best of all, was a link to The Daily DeLay, which is keeping a running tally of congressmen who voted for it. It's onward liberal soldier to give these guys a very hard time. I suggest sending emails to their congressional accounts complaining that they are slime (see above reference again, hehe) and without moral compunction. I am by no means advocating any kind of hacking. That's a bad thing to do, but it would be funny if someone and their 1,000 closest buddies sent a really long email, saved it in their sent folder and then resent the email every 10 minutes for the next day or two. That would be very bad. Very bad. Funny, but very bad. It would also give me something cool to write about if their server crashed. But don't do it. Until something better comes along, we need to be haranguing (spelling?) local congressmen for voting "yea." Start a group in your hometown. Pan a meeting at someone's house. Invite the media. Say in no uncertain terms that Congressman So-and-so is bad person for voting yea. I promise you that civil unrest always makes the front page, so be as loud as possible.


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