Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Over at Bull Moose, we find this post:

Democrats should realize that given this emboldened Bush Administration, there is no longer any time for introspection. The donkey must quickly repair to the laboratory and devise his own reform agenda. As the Moose has indicated before, Democrats must now become the insurgent party that offers bold reform solutions to shake up the government. Reactive politics will be insufficient.
Ditto to that. We need to offer some new initiatives, new solutions for how we raise the minimum wage. How we want to fix Social Security without privatization. How we want to bring peace to the Middle East. It doesn't matter that we can't get them passed. We offer them and spend all our time talking about how great things would be if we could only get the Republicans to care about ordinary peoples' lives. The Republicans will have to respond and, trust me, their response, no matter what it is, will only make them look bad. Let's get to it.


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