Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Divine law?"

Although I disagree on a regular basis with what he has to say, this bit on Grand Ayatollah James Dobson in New Donkey (link is finally fixed) on what exactly makes Dobson so dangerous in a democracy. Short answer, he wants to end it.

(Richard John, founder of the magazine First Things) Neuhaus posed the question whether legalized abortion and gay rights and other affronts to traditional culture justified civil disobedience and other extra-legal forms of resistance. In a subsequent issue of First Things, Dobson was by far the most emphatic in rejecting the "legitimacy" of "the current regime," and of constitutional democracy as well, so long as the courts continued to defy "divine law."
Hmmmm. The problem with democrac is that it relies on people and not God's law? I'm sure most people can get onboard that train. Dobson is a dangerous person because he has lots of followers and they want more Coburns running our daily lives. It won't be too long in Dobson's America before they do stone kids to death for being disobedient and start hacking off body parts for indescretions. That is not what America is about.


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