Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Does this mean we can paint them as soft on crime?

The GOP has decided to change the rules for the impending grand jury indictment of Tom DeLay. The Republicans have decided that it's OK after all to have a leadership position and be under indictment. Since they are not sure whether it was going ot be a federal or state indictment (he's broken so many laws it's hard to keep up) so they are going ot allow both. Oddly enough, it was the GOP who changed the rule about holding a position after their victories in 1994. The rule change is nothing but a kickback from grateful Republicans for his illegal fund-raising and gerrymandering. They really don't care what he does, as long as they get more Republicans to run their agenda. I don't like tom DeLay, as you can probably tell if you've read this blog long enough. He's a corrupt, evil person. If he was a Democrat, I would be calling for his head because I wouldn't want such a despicable human being to represent my party. As it is, he is a Republican and represents all that is wrong with Washington. Greed, avarice and the aggrandizment of power. He works to deregulate energy companies, repeal the EPA and OSHA and gets lucrative lobbying jobs for his cronies. The majority of Americans would like worker protections and safe drinking water, but that is an inconvenience to the people who really pay DeLay's paycheck: Big Business. You better believe I'm going to raise as much noise as possible about DeLay if he gets indicted (which almost seems certain) because I know it shines light on him and his activities. The sooner most Americans know what the majority leader of the GOP is doing, the sooner things will begin to change. DeLay's best weapon is that people don't know who he is. We've got to change that.


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