Monday, November 01, 2004

Early voters turnout

By now you know that the early voter turnout, even states that are supposedly a given like Texas, has been huge. TAPPED has some interesting figures from some swing states in this category. For instance

In Florida, the latest Gallup poll showed that about a third of the polled voters had already cast ballots and that Kerry led 51 percent to 43 percent among them. In Iowa, according to The Des Moines Register, 27 percent of those polled by Saturday had already voted, and Kerry was similarly favored 52 percent to 41 percent by the early birds.
Good news. The article does point out that those yet to vote were more pro-Bush than those who had already voted. I think the answer to that conundrum is pretty simple. All the coverage on blogs (like this one) about GOP efforts to supress the vote of minorities and other Dems has gotten more pro-Kerry guys to the polls early. What good are GOP ballot-challengers if al the Dems in that precinct have already early voted? They may have, in fact, spurred some people still ambivalent about voting to go to the polls just to spite them. I've also heard some great anectdotal evidence that the ground game has been phenomenal. Some of the guys at BOR were in New Mexico this weekend only to find out that voters who had never been touched before had received multiple calls and door knocks. With this kind of volunteerism, the only way the Republicans can win is to supress minority voters. I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. I'll have some election predictions later tonight.


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