Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Everywhere I look

Every time I turn around some Democrat is saying we are out of touch with middle America and we need to listen outside the Beltway for ideas. One person in this MNSNBC article actually refers to the "East Coast leaders." For fuck's sake. I'm getting really exasperated here. Have you ever noticed that every time the Dems move to the right, the GOP moves even more to the right. That puts the middle ground somewhere on the... right! One person at this DLC meeting actually said "The party is in danger of being taken over by the left." That says it all, right there. You're a Democrat... you are the left! If not, then you're playing for the wrong team. Damn. I've got nothing against the people at the DLC personally. I got my start in politics long after that war got started. But they seem to be saying we need to get rid of the liberals in the party and move to the right. I don't know if anyone has ever told them this, but their party's base is liberals. Michael Moore is very popular among their base, that's why his movie made over $100 million dollars. They seem to want to have the GOP's base instead, so maybe they should just switch parties. It's just very tiring hearing this from leadership in my own party. They take the advice 'be more like the Republicans' to mean adopt their platform not their tactics. No Republican is going to vote Democrat because you start talking about values, because they have a Republican to vote for who is saying the exact same thing. Why vote for GOP-lite? They are right about one thing, we do need new leadership. Outside the Beltway-type leadership. We need bloggers who have a good grasp of what's going on to start taking over key leadership positions now, so we can better position ourselves for the next election cycle.


At 2:10 AM, Blogger Aurelius said...


Here in AU, we've just had the same situation - left wing party getting rolled at an election (October 9) and everyone 'analysing' much the same way seems to be happening over there.
And it feels sometimes like the left and liberal thinkers will be exiled forever.
As to the solution? I don't know. But here, we have three years to work it out. Bit longer in your case.
Chin up


At 2:23 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

I really think part of the solution is to get the next crop of Democratic, liberal leaders into the key positions to make party policy.

I've touched on this before, once I very implicit that I think the Deaniacs should maybe hang up their blogs and really get down in the party politik. Until bloggers, like me, actually ascend to leadership roles, the centrists will continually try to change platform policy to meet voter expectations while the GOP changes voter expectations to meet their platform policy.

Their way seems to work better, so the question is why are we still appeasing moderate Republicans when we can just work our message machine (which we don't actually have yet) to get more people believing in our cause. My new mantra is "40% of election-age people did not vote in 2004" let's see if we can peel off some of those to get us in the White House.


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